Announcement of the DG PARO Prize on Implant Therapy in the Periodontally Compromised Dentition

In 2008 the DG PARO Prize on Implant Research was firstly awarded to the most outstanding scientific publication concerning implant therapy in the periodontally compromised dentition by the German Society of Periodontology at its annual conference.

Elegible for this prize are publications printed in an international peer-reviewed journal over the period of 1 May of the preceding year until 30 April of the year in which the prize is being awarded, the date of the online-publication or the print version respectively being the decisive one.

The DG PARO Prize is a personal prize of 5,000 Euros. It is supposed to promote scientific papers pointing the way ahead in the field of implant therapy in the periodontally compromised dentition.

All dentists and scientists working in the field of research on dentistry and being members of any European specialist association for Periodontology represented in the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) may apply for the DG PARO Prize on implant therapy in the periodontally compromised dentition.

An independent jury will assess applications on behalf of the DG PARO executive committee. Recourse to legal action is excluded.

The DG PARO Prize on implant therapy in the periodontally compromised dentition is donated by Nobel Biocare in cooperation with the DG PARO and will be awarded at the Annual Meeting of the German Society of Periodontology.

Please, address your application in english including CD-Rom anonymously with a code word in a closed envelope attached with your name and email address inside via registered letter with advice of delivery to:

Notariat Dr. Roman Merznicht
Drei-Kronen-Gasse 2
D-93047 Regensburg, Germany

key note: “Implant Therapy in the Periodontally Compromised Dentition AWARD“

Submission deadline is April 30.
You will receive a notice of arrival to the email address mentioned.

Announcement of the  DG PARO Prize on Implant Therapy in the Periodontally Compromised Dentition

Implantatforschungsspreis 2018

Frau Dr. Julia Stanner und Dr. Matthias Klum​
Discomfort/Pain due to periodontal and peri-implant probing: Implant type and age
Julia Stanner, Matthias Klum, Puria Parvini, Otto Zuhr, Katrin Nickles, Peter Eickholz 

Implantatforschungsspreis 2017

PD Dr. Dirk Ziebolz, MSc.
Microbiological and aMMP-8 findings depending on peri-implant disease in patients undergoing supportive implant therapy

Implantatforschungsspreis 2016

Dr. Lars Schropp, DDS, PhD
Fate of the buccal bone at implants placed early, delayed, or late after tooth extraction analyzed by cone beam CT: 10-year results from a randomized, controlled, clinical study
(Lars Schropp, Ann Wenzel, Rubens Spin-Neto, Andreas Stavropoulos)

Implantatforschungsspreis 2015

Dr. Katrin Duske
Cold  atmospheric plasma in combination with mechanical treatment improves osteoblast growth on biofilm covered titanium discs 
(Katrin Duske, Lukasz Jablonowski, Ina Koban, Rutger Matthes, Birte Holtfreter, Axel Sckell, J. Barbara Nebe, Thomas von Woedtke, Klaus Dieter Weltmann, Thomas Kocher)

Implantatforschungsspreis 2014

Dr. Mario Bassetti
Anti-infective therapy of peri-implantitis with adjunctive local drug delivery or photodynamic therapy: 12-month outcomes of a randomized-controlled clinical trial
(Mario Bassetti, Dorothee Schär, Beat Wicki, Sigrun Eick, Christoph Ramseier, Nicole Arweiler, Anton Sculean, Giovanni Salvi)

Implantatforschungsspreis 2013

Dr. Katja Fricke
Titel: Atmospheric Pressure Plasma: A High-Performance Tool for the Efficient Removal of Biofilms

Implantatforschungsspreis 2012

Prof. Dr. Giovanni E. Salvi
Titel: Reversibility of experimental peri-implant mucositis compared with experimental gingivitis in humans
(G. Salvi, M. Aglietta, S. Eick, A. Sculean, N.P. Lang, C. Ramseier)

Implantatforschungsspreis 2011

Dr. Sven Rinke, MSc., Msc.
Titel: Prevalence of periimplant disease in partially edentulous patients: a practice-based cross-sectional study

Implantatforschungsspreis 2010

Dr. Mario Roccuzzo
Titel: Ten-years results of a three-arm prospective cohort study on implants in periodontally compromised patients. Part1: implant loss and radiographic bone loss

Implantatforschungsspreis 2008

Dr. Stefan Fickl, New York 
Titel: Tissue alterations after tooth extraction with and without surgical trauma: a volumetric study in the beagle dog